Cleveland, Ohio Haunted Houses

I hope this article will give you all the information you need, to plan your visit to Cleveland Haunted Houses this fall.  Cleveland Haunted Houses are by far the scariest haunted house attractions in the industry.  If you love Halloween and being terrified you will enjoy your Halloween in Cleveland experience.  You will have non stop; spine chilling, hair raising, and blood curdling thrills.  Halloween in Cleveland is not for the faint of heart.

Bloodview Haunted House is one of our favorite haunted houses in cleveland.

There are many Haunted Houses near Cleveland and you can go on line to check out their dates and times of operation, along with admission charges and group rates.  Look in your local newspapers, in flyers and online for any discount coupons.  Each haunted house web site offers you easy directions to the haunt and Goggle maps are also available for your convenience. It is fun to plan one night or a weekend visiting Cleveland area haunted houses.  Many high schools, colleges, youth groups and sporting teams plan such trips.  They come by the bus loads to these events each year.

Halloween Cleveland

There are scares galore during Halloween in Cleveland.  You can find information on haunted houses in Cleveland, such as The Fear Experience which was voted Cleveland’s number haunted house by Metromix Cleveland for the 2011 season.  This site offers up to the minute reviews and testimonials as we;; as  other information. So be sure to check it out regularly.

Halloween Cleveland is sure to have something for everyone this halloween season.

Halloween Stores

          Cleveland Halloween Stores are a great place to purchase anything from costumes to decorations.  For example: Halloween USA, Spencer’s, Spirit Halloween, and Halloween Express are all great Cleveland Halloween stores.  Costumes and decorations can be found at Target, Wal mart, Disney Stores, and online too.  Almost every store in America offers something you will need for Halloween.

Cleveland Halloween Stores will have the right decorations for your home this fall.

Costume Stores Cleveland

Cleveland Halloween stores carry a full line of Halloween costumes in children and adult sizes, masks, make-up, wigs, hats, some shoes, spirit gum and spirit gum remover to use when adding those latex appliances,  colorful hair spray, fake blood and teeth.  They also carry a full line of Halloween accessories and props. Popular items are; fog machines, black lights, spider webbing, rats, bats, clowns, strobe lights, strings of lights in Halloween colors,  tomb stones, fake weapon, fake body parts, skulls, and the outrageous animatronics options. It is always a good idea to add something new to your home haunt or party each year to keep it fresh.  So look around and you may find that perfect costume or a terrifying prop to up-date your haunt.  I recommend going to your Cleveland Halloween stores and stocking up on anything Halloween starting the day after Halloween when almost everything is at least 50% off.

Costume Stores Cleveland have a huge array of costumes for that costume party this halloween.

Cleveland Haunted Tours

Cleveland Haunted Tours are also available to complete your spooky Halloween plans.  These incredibly creepy tours can be found at your local metro parks, state parks and forests.  The haunted Prison Experience at the Ohio Stale Reformatory in Mansfield and the Mohican State park in Loudonville (location of an old asylum) are just two that come to mind for Cleveland haunted tours.  During the tour you will feel the damp, creepy bizarre entities and ghosts surrounding you.  Not all ghosts are demonic; some just want to have a little fun!  Corn mazes are also a good time.  Some are short mazes designed for families with younger children, while others may take a few hours to complete.  Last year one group actually called 911, after becoming lost in a corn maze after dark.  Ghostly bike tours are also available in some areas.  For more information on these tours and more, check out their web sites and look for more Cleveland haunted tours.  Some offer year round tours while others are only open during September and October.

Haunted Houses in Cleveland Ohio are sure to scare even the toughest audiences

The Fear Experience Haunted House

Information on Halloween in Cleveland can be found twenty four seven online.  The websites are updated constantly.  Be sure to check the location of each haunted house carefully as some haunts change their location from year to year.   Also check for dates and times of operation as they to can change from year to year or day by day.

From Cleveland Halloween stores, to Haunted houses, to Haunted Tours: these web sites will give you everything you need to get you through the busy Halloween season this year!  With the proper planning you can thoroughly enjoy Halloween Cleveland like never before.  Starting with Cleveland Halloween Stores, to Cleveland Haunted Houses, to Cleveland Haunted Tours, your Halloween in Cleveland will be complete.

Cleveland, Ohio Haunted Houses

The Fear Experience Haunted House opens friday evening at 7pm! be there when the doors open to witness the scariest haunted house in cleveland.  Live bands playing all night from 930-midnight. Cleveland Haunted Houses open this weekend and they are ready to scare you! Check out The Fear Experience Haunted House now for full details on Cleveland Haunted Houses.