Bloodview Haunted House

           One of the best Charity Halloween haunted houses in Ohio is Bloodview Haunted House.  Bloodview is located in Broadview Heights at 1010 Towpath Trail.  It is only a short distance from downtown Cleveland, Canton and Akron.  Bloodview is a top rated haunted house in Ohio.  It is one of my personal top picks for charity haunted houses Ohio.

            The Broadview Heights Lion club has sponsored Bloodview for thirty years.   At this time it is the only charity haunt that I know of in Cuyahoga County.  You have to admire the fact that they give their proceeds to charity every year.  Workers continue to volunteer their time talents for good causes.

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The Legion of Terror produces the Bloodview Haunted House every year.    The Legion of Terror consists of the most amazing actors and make up artists in the Cleveland Ohio area.  Everyone in the Legion of Terror, volunteers his or her own time for the Halloween season. We are talking about the most accomplished actors and professional make-up artists in the business.  The Legion of Terror choreographs the most horrifying, nail biting, terrifying experience of your entire life. You will be blind sighted at every turn.  The thrills start the moment you arrive and they don’t stop until you are safe in your car again.  It is advertised as an interactive experience and indeed it is.  You will never be more terrified as when you are glancing around nervously, sensing something is about to happen, as a cold shudder trickles down your spine. Then out of nowhere- it happens! You are experiencing one of the most hair raising, and gut clenching haunted houses in Ohio.

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Haunted houses in Ohio give you all the spooky fall entertainment you could possibly ask for.  Real haunted houses in Ohio have something for the entire family. Families, sororities, fraternities, youth groups, sports teams and friends all enjoy going in groups  to all the top rated haunted houses in Ohio. Some of the haunted houses in Ohio offer group discounts so be sure to check before you go.  If you can only make it to one house in Cleveland you may be able to invest in an all night pass so you can enjoy a gruesome night of entertainment.  Most of the haunted houses in Ohio have concession stands and sell t-shirts and glow sticks.

Plan ahead, and check out all the top rated haunted houses in Ohio online, in newspapers, magazines and flyers.  There are many haunted houses in Ohio and in your local Cleveland area.  Haunts can be found in Canton, Akron, Strongsville, Broadview Oh, and North Olmsted, to name just a few.   I don’t usually listen to nay sayers as a haunted house experience is a personal thing.  What is not scary for one person, may scare the hell out some one else. So you need to really judge for your self.

You might be surprised at how many parents bring pre-school children to top rated haunted houses in Ohio.  I have seen children as young as five screaming and crying because they are being forced by their parents or other adult to go through the haunt. Just remember the whole concept of the real haunted houses in Ohio is to scare the hell out of you!  If we adults are petrified just imagine what it is doing to young children.  Please use good judgment and follow the rules set up by each individual haunt about age limits and abide by them. Last year I over heard a mother berating an actor at the Fear Experience Haunted House in North Olmsted, for frightening her teen age daughter.  It went something like this; “We did not come here to be terrified like this!”  The actor quickly responded.  “Well, actually you did!”  After all isn’t that what we expect when we visit a haunted house.  Events are available for your children.  They have Halloween parties at schools, churches, parks, malls, apple orchards, small corn mazes and zoos.  All are age appropriate and will leave your child with happy memories and not night mares.  Please heed all the warnings posted at the entrance to the haunt or printed on your ticket. These warnings are there to protect you.  In general if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or prone to seizures for your own safety, you should not attend.  Please heed all the warnings they are there for a reason. To keep you safe.

`           I hope you enjoy all the top rated haunted houses in Ohio!  Don’t forget to visit the corn mazes and haunted Ohio tours also.


Bloodview Haunted House

The Fear Experience Haunted House opens friday evening at 7pm! be there when the doors open to witness the scariest haunted house in cleveland.  Live bands playing all night from 930-midnight. Cleveland Haunted Houses open this weekend and they are ready to scare you! Check out The Fear Experience Haunted House now for full details on Cleveland Haunted Houses.