Halloween Cleveland

            It used to be that you only had two choices when he came to Halloween costumes.  You could go and look through a limited selection of costume patterns, usually clown or pirate patterns.  Then you had to purchase the pattern, material, accessories and then sew it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.  The other alternative was to come up with a costume idea then visit your local thrift stores and pick up just the right clothing and accessories to put a costume together.  Which ever way you went it was costly and time consuming.  Costumes were usually handed down through the family to save time and money.

            Now thanks to the Halloween shops in Cleveland Ohio, you can purchase costumes from a vast selection at discount prices.  No more wearing your brother or sister’s old costume from last year.    If you can come up with a costume idea, I can guarantee you they will have it.  They always have the most popular fad costumes each year.  I am sure this year it will be costumes from the characters in the Hunger Games along with Twilight. The Costume shops in Cleveland Ohio also carry all the accessories, make up and props you will need to compliment your costume.

Cleveland Haunted Houses

Halloween Costumes Cleveland Ohio also carries a full line of Halloween decorations. For example what would a Halloween party be without strobe lights, fog machines, spider webbing, spooky music, a bubble machine, tomb stones, coffins (they even offer beverage coolers in the shape of a coffin), black lights, silly string and black light spray for your hair and clothing, Don’t have time to decorate your walls?  You can buy preprinted wall murals to help set the scene.  Make your front or back yard a cemetery by adding a little fake iron fencing and tomb stones lighted by an eerie string of purple lights.  Add a few scare crows or zombies and your yard is complete.

They carry everything from make up, fake blood, jewelry, nail polish, wigs, glasses, masks, socks, hats, candles, batteries, fake weapons, and t- shirts.  They also carry props like witch’s brooms, caldrons, rats, bats, spiders, jars of eye balls, and strings of fingers, clown shoes, clown noses and hats, flowers that squirt water and horns.  I think the most popular props right now are vampire teeth and fake blood.

Halloween stores Cleveland Ohio not only offer you the best selections at the best prices but their employees are extremely knowledgeable and will answer all your Halloween costume and decorating questions. They have been in the Haunting business for years and will steer you in the right direction when it comes to giving you ideas for your home haunts too. They also encourage you to try on your costume/costumes before you leave the store, because as with any seasonal item, many can not be returned.  Be sure to check the stores policy before you purchase your costume.

Other places to get your Cleveland Halloween costumes are at your local Target, Wal-Mart and Spencer’s stores.   They too, carry excellent costumes, accessories, gruesome props and spooky decorations but on a smaller scale.  You can also try on the costumes at these stores too.  As you can see there are many Halloween stores Cleveland.

You can also shop Halloween costumes Cleveland, and Costume stores Cleveland Ohio and Halloween stores Cleveland online.  By shopping on line you not only get the same amazing selections and prices but you can shop at your leisure.

Whether you shop in the stores or on line I am sure you will find shopping Halloween Cleveland an exciting experience.  Be sure to shop costume shops in Cleveland Ohio early to take advantage of the large variety of costumes, and to assure they will have your correct size.  Also look for coupons in flyers, newspapers and online to take advantage of any and all Halloween costumes Cleveland Ohio discounts offered.  A good thing to do – is to always shop the day after Halloween to get 50% or more off left over merchandise. So next year you will be off to a good start!

Halloween Cleveland

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